We stock a range of Acrow Props for sale

Our Adjustable Steel Props are designed and manufactured to fully satisfy the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3610.

They provide excellent temporary support and are economical, easy and quick to erect.

Inner and outer cylindrical steel tubes welded to steel square plates (150mm x 150mm);

The steel used has high yield strength

The Benefits of Adjustable props are their simple and innovative design;
- Its light weight allows Adjustable Props to be handled by a single person;
- Strong, Durable and Versatile with highly adjustable height


Our Scaffold planks are manufactured from high tensile 6106T6 aluminium they have been engineered to the demanding needs of all trades people.

Our Scaffold Planks exceed AS1577-1993 Scaffold Plank Performance Requirement.

All planks come standard with 4 rubber strips and 4 knurled ridges to improve workers comfort and safety.


$125 + GST

The Proppa® is a robust steel prop head attachment designed to provide temporary support to masonry walls while lintels or beams are installed. No fasteners are required to hold the Proppa® in place as it securely fits standard builder’s props with a top or head plate of 150mm x 150mm. The Proppa® has a coated finish for protection against corrosion.

COST EFFECTIVE - Less props used and reduced need for manpower.
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Proppa® reduces labour costs and saves time because there is no need to line up props and needles.
REDUCES DAMAGE - Because Proppas® are designed to fit between brick courses there is no need to damage (and later repair) the brickwork above as would be the case if supporting needles/ beams were used as the temporary support system.
VERSATILE & EASY TO USE - Proppa® enables access to a wall from either side and supports both single skin and cavity brickwork. Once the Proppa® is securely engaged with the wall, the masonry beneath can be safely removed.

- 6.45kg Weight
- Top Plate is 520 x160mm
- Maximum spacing of props - 900mm
- See Instructions For Use to determine safe working load and height